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“Your tribe is your vibe.

I️ think my journey with Blair and The Body Shoppe has been very different than most others. I️ came to Blair already losing weight, but not in a healthy fashion. I️ was underfeeding myself, but the scale told me I️ was doing well. Within two months of Blair teaching me how to properly fuel my body, I️ was pregnant with our second child! Game changer! More calories, less heavy lifting, and aiming for a healthy pregnancy for baby and me! She gave me healthier suggestions for all of the cravings I️ had and as baby grew bigger, modified all of my movements to accommodate the bump and keep us injury free. Labor and delivery was a breeze, and I️ firmly believe staying active through my entire pregnancy was the main reason.

Now a full five months after delivery, Blair has been more gentle with and proud of my progress than I️ have been. Disclaimer: I️ am not patient. Even I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I️ obviously still struggle with focusing on more than a scale victory, but I️ have had so many more non-scale victories in the last year with Blair. I’m still learning that I️ am not defined by the number on my scale. I’ve gained self-confidence in my ever-changing body. I’m surrounded by endlessly supportive women every time I️ step into The Shoppe. I’ve gained a positive mental attitude, and I️ hear myself saying “I️ can do this!” FAR more often than I️ hear “I️ don’t think I️ can do that.”

Your tribe is your vibe. And I️ could not have been more blessed to meet and start working with Blair and the rest of The Body Shoppe beauties. My tribe is strong. My tribe is empowering. And they are my vibe.”

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